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Alcohol & night-posting [Mar. 30th, 2007|03:00 am]
[Current Location |DRUNKSVILLE]
[music |Da da da da HEY dadadada]

I should really be asleep right now but I'm still quite drunk. I dragged my sorry arse along to the Newt' for amateur-strip-night & after the stripping was done continued on at the Imp'. I almost made out with a 25 british boy who looked alot like my ex Paul, or how he used to look, who know's what time & drugs have done to his good looks.

Apparently us Aussie guys are "quite forward", or I am anyway. Just because I was taking swigs off people's beer & talking about my "tits" I'm forward? I tried to keep my mouth shut & not say dumb shit but that becomes harder the more I drink/ingest.

Tomorrow/later today is the last day of the first week in my new job & I can't wait to sleep-in on saturday.