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A week and then some [Apr. 25th, 2007|09:43 am]
[Tags|, ]
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[mood |awake]

This week

- Drank so much beer I can barely remember what happened.

- Watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 at Andrew's. That is one hilarious movie & watching it on DVD is even more enjoyable than watching the 5th generation VHS dub I got for Xmas from Mardi.

- Went around to visit Damien & he cooked Chicken Parmigiana, he's gonna make a great wife to some lucky lady. After dinner (& icecream) met up with Simon for an indie night at the Flinders & felt kinda old. It was more emo/scene than I was expecting, lotsa girls with asymmetrical haircuts & boys in tight jeans. The music was pretty cool until they started playing things like Womack & Womack & Abba, the irony was lost on me.

- Had my head shaved by someone else for the first time. I came home drunk on Friday or Saturday (:?) & Nina got it in her head that she wanted to shave me. Being drunk I gave in but I was a little concerned she was going to slice me up pretty badly, either accidentally or on purpose. It was kinda nice, but next time hopefully it'll be some spunky man doing the shaving. Then Nina & Gregg got arguing so I went to bed.

- Fixed an on-air mistake at work & got the praise of my boss. I doubt anyone was actually sitting at home glued to 'The Great Gatsby' at 10am Sunday, but if they were at least they didn't have to watch the 3rd segment twice.

- Went out with Simon & Andrew on Sunday night (my Friday) to Phoenix & got way, way too drunk. Was getting kinda fresh/touchy-feely with Simon & he asked if I "liked" him. Thankfully he did, so I didn't have to bring it up. He shouldn't have been surprised (if he was), he's an amazing & incredibly sexy guy. We've talked about it since but I dunno if I'm glad it's out or not.

- Had dinner at Doma Beer Cafe in the X with Tara, Andrew, Tara's brother & a couple of other guys. Was feeling pretty lousy (ie. hungover) but the stein of beer I had with dinner made me feel much better, damn it's evil stuff.

- It's been raining for 3 days & I'm truly glad. I love miserable, rainy weather.